Rules & Good Things to Know!


Generator hours are from 8:00 am -10:00 am, 12:00 pm -2:00 pm, and 5:00 pm -7:00 pm. You are only allowed to run it for a maximum of 45 mins during the designated time periods.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in the park is 10 KM an hour. We do not tolerate speeding in our campground. We are very family friendly and have tons of kids playing near and on the roads.

Fires and Cooking Methods

Please check at the office or see the signs posted if fires are permitted. British Columbia is prone to forest fires and there could be a fire ban on in the area. If there is a fire ban the use of charcoal BBQs and any wood burning methods are prohibited. The use of propane fire pits and propane/gas BBQs are allowed. Please do not ever leave fires unattended. Fire wood is for sale at the office for $10 (cash only) per bundle. Please do not burn over sized pieces of wood, if it doesn’t fit in the fire pit do not burn it. Please don’t gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park. Any cutting of trees in our park is prohibited.

The fire ban status can be found at: Whistler falls under CHEAKAMUS. If the rating is at 4 or higher there is a fire ban on in Whistler. If it is at a 3 or under there is no fire ban. This information is updated at 2pm everyday. Unfortunately the predicted data can change quickly depending on the weather.

Quiet Time

Quiet time is 11pm to 8am daily. This includes music, running vehicles, ATVS, Dirt Bikes or any other noise. We have security to enforce this. If you would like to make a noise complaint please call 604.905.2523 to dispatch our security. Please also be courteous and do not leave outdoor lights on all night.

Tips About The Ferry

The BC Ferry Schedule can be found at

The closest Ferry To us to get to and from Vancouver Island is Horseshoe Bay. This ensures that you will not have to go through Downtown Vancouver with your big rig. For this Ferry you pay per inch and it is highly recommended to book in advance as the Ferry is very busy and wait times can be hours long. Also with RVs / Trailers there is only room on the lower deck so they only allow so many on.

ATV / Dirt Bikes / Snowmobiles

When using your ATVs / Dirt Bikes / Snowmobiles please be courteous of everyone in the park. Please do not idle in your site for longer than needed or after 8pm. As for kids with ATVs please limit them to only so many laps around one area in the park as circling sections of the park repetitively for long amounts of time is annoying to other guests.


All garbage belongs in the dumpsters up at the front office. This is due to the wild life in the area. We have tons of bears in the area and we do not want them be attracted to the park. We ask that you keep all garbage locked in your vehicles over night or when the site is left unattended. Do not leave bags of garbage outside even for a minute as birds tend to quickly come and make a mess.

Dumping Stations

We do not have a dumping station on our property. All of our full service sites have septic right on them for each individual RV. If you booked a non service site then there is no where to dump. If you require a dumping station please book a full service site.

Near by dumping stations:

-Whistler, Function Junction: 1001 Lynham Road

-Squamish (South) 12975 Squamish Valley Road

-Pemberton (North) Visitors center, On highway 99, to your right as you come into Pemberton.


Please clean up after your pets! All pets should be kept on leash when not on your site. Pets should not be left unattended or in anyway become a nuisance to other guest. Excess barking will not be tolerated and can potentially result in being asked to leave at owners expense.


Please do not hang anything off of our smaller trees. We are trying to grow a lot of trees in the park and they are very sensitive. Any cutting of trees in our park is prohibited. Please don’t gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park.

Firearms and Drone Usage

Firearms, fireworks, projectile weapons, any type of guns (pellet, BB, air soft, bows and arrows) are prohibited on Whistler RV Park property. Drone usage is prohibited as well for the privacy of others in the park.


We do allow extra vehicles on your site at no extra cost, as long as they do not park on the road way or are hanging out over the road. If they do not fit please park in the extra parking by the tent section across from sites 217 and 218. There is also extra parking at the very back of the park beside site 56.


We do allow smoking on our property. We ask that you visit our little smoking station at the office to pick up an ash tray and to dispose of your butts/ashes when you leave. We do not want butts all over the ground or in our fire pits. Please be courteous of others around you when smoking.

1 604 905 2523

55 Hwy 99 Whistler BC V0N 1B0